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Tray Feeding Machine

Tray feeding machines takes a tray from a stick and transfers it under a machine that deposits product onto it and an indexing tray to catch a product.

    Tray feeding machine have many applications but the main application for it is taking a tray from the stock and positioning it from under the product. It have a sensors to see when the product have been deposited on to the try. After it it have detected product being deposited it will move set increment to a next position and the posses will repeat it self set number of times. After it will witch the tray will be ejected from a machine and new tray will be positioned to the start position.

  • 2 Helical Motors
  • 1 Duster
  • 2 VFD drives
  • PLC Control
  • 7″ Touch Screen
  • Frame Material 304 SS
  • Chain Material 304 SS

The following Options are available

  • 2 Servo Motors
  • 2 Servo Drives
  • Sizes can be changes
  • Aluminium Tray Feeding system with a servo Drive can be installed
  • Fine flour duster can be installed
Diminutions & Voltage

The following Options are available

  • W*L*H – 55″*60″*40″ **
  • Power 208V 1Phase 60Hz 10A ***
  • ** Sizes of the machine will very according to configuration and costumers specification
  • *** Power configuration of machine will very according to machine configuration and costumers specifications.

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