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Trimming Line

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    Trimming comes with two platforms; one for every side to allow employees a comfortable working environment. Trimming line is equipped with 6 leveling feet to adjust height on the line and compensate any uneven floor surfaces. Every working platform is equipped with 4 adjustable feet that can regulate height of the platform separately from the trimming line.

    Trimming line is equipped with 3 separately-controlled A/C motors. 7″ touch screen, PLC control, 2+ VFD drives “depending on the configuration of the machine” Water resistant electrical box. The system is expandable, intake and take-away conveyors can be integrated into the system and controlled from the touch panel.

  • 7″ HMI Touch screen
  • PLC Control
  • 2-4 VFD drives
  • 2 to 10 stations
  • Modular Plastic Conveyor Belt
  • Frame material 304 SS
Additional Options
  • Individual Speed control for every motor
  • Additional intake and take-away conveyors
  • Integration surrounding conveyors into one system with a unified control system
  • Remote access in to the system from any place with interned access.
  • Servo motors upgrade for precise positioning
  • Sensors for product accumulation and
  • Controlling feeding and take-away conveyors according to the product accumulation
Sizes & Power Specification
  • W*L*H  50″x96″x55 to 70″x160″x60″
  • Power 208v 1 phase or 3 Phase 15A

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